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December 1, 2014

We have more or less completed pre-production layouts on our forthcoming Pan Am DC-8-31 Deluxe Postcard, and will be circulating them amongst a small focus group for input and suggestions. Once this step is out of the way, along with a few other formalities, the final version will go to print.

In addition, we have recently acquire quite a bit of material on National Airlines, which will finally enable us to assemble comprehensive presentations on the carrier's DC-8-32/51, DC-8-61, 747-135 and DC-10-10/30 aircraft, thus making the premiere spot on the 'Net for National Airlines aircraft retrospectives. These should be completed and uploaded in about three to four weeks time.

We have also just added two new sub-categories in our reference section, namely General Memorabilia and Safety Cards, to better manage the material we have on hand.

October 8, 2014

Alas, the moment many of you have been waiting for!

We are pleased to provide a sneak preview of our detailed Pan Am DC-8 seat map. A high resolution version will be printed on the reverse side of our first upcoming 9" x 6" Deluxe Postcard (in works), complete with inset photos and brief write-up.

Please note that all Deluxe Postcards will be limited issue, making them highly collectible.

About the Seat Map

• The original delivery configuration is derived from two large cutaway display models commissioned by Pan Am.

• Everything forward the three aft lavatories is more or less where it should be, and is consistent with standard factory layouts for the period.

• We were surprised to find only four-place seating around the first class lounge table instead of the usual five.

• While seat and carpet colours are generally correct, actual hues in the real counterpart may differ slightly.

• All U.S. domestic airlines had two economy class lavatories in the aft portion of the rear cabin for similar seat count. Unfortunately, photographs of both display models do not show these details. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that Pan Am would have had less than three for long haul international missions, and certainly not four as the Trans-Canada Air Lines (now Air Canada) 99-place economy seating arrangement. Moreover, all four Pan Am Grace Airways (Panagra) DC-8s, that were supplied by the parent company, had 70-place economy seat count with three aft lavatories as shown in our seat map. Therefore, we are confident that our depiction is spot on, down to the storage/closet arrangement. Aside from colours, the only material difference between a Pan Am and Panagra DC-8 economy configuration is the galley bar adjacent the rear passenger exit on the Pan Am plane in place of two side-by-side passenger seats on the Panagra counterpart, otherwise both are identical. Also, Panagra had five-place seating around the first class lounge table instead of four.

April 16, 2014

The first seat map master template for our new upcoming postcard products is nearly completed. It is for the DC-8 aircraft, series 10 to 55.

We will showcase each specific aircraft of a particular carrier in both Deluxe (4" x 6") and Premium (6" x 9") formats. These will be available for purchase world-wide in limited quantity to make them highly collectible.

Apart from size, the main difference between Deluxe and Premium cards is the reverse side. On Deluxe, this means a detailed grayscale seat map drawing and descriptive aircraft write-up. On Premium, the seat map will not only be larger, but in full colour as well. Moreover, Premium will also sport additional photo imaginary over a tasteful backdrop.

For the first issue, we have selected the DC-8-31 of Pan Am in original delivery seat configuration (40 first and 68 coach), complete with forward lounge and aft self-service beverage/food bar.

In addition, we have begun expanding our collection of aircraft safety cards. These contain full seat maps and/or interior photos to complement our selection of brochures and posters. You will be able to view them under a new subsection. The initial upload will include the first emergency seat pocket instruction booklet (20 pages) issued for a commercial 747 flight, namely Pan Am's 747-121 service linking JFK to LHR that began on January 22, 1970!

February 11, 2014

Well, happy new year to you all!

As you can surmise from recent changes to the Brochures and Posters page, we're finally back after a much needed sabbatical. In the days ahead, we will resume posting material regularly, and will be pressing forward with our postcard products as well.

Meanwhile, we hope our selection of posted material has brought you much enjoyment during our absence. We also hope you will continue to spread the word about to others as well.