Vintage Photography

March 6, 2013

So far, we have acquired 839 original photographs, representing 224 operators on six continents. The timeline for these spans the 1940s up to and including 1980s. They are predominantly in black and white format, and most were shot at LGW and LHR by David O'Neill. The remainder originate from manufacturers and other photographers, and some are in full colour.

As per our Brochures & Posters section, it will take some time to process and upload all these items. To make matters worse, we continue to add to our collection on an ongoing basis, so there's no end to the madness. Nevertheless, we will do our utmost to post a few items daily, and before long, everything on hand will be live for your viewing pleasure. Meanwhile, a log below the navigation map will be maintained to keep you posted regarding progress.

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Processed and Uploaded: 12 of 69


Processed and Uploaded: 16 of 164

Australia and Pacific

Processed and Uploaded: 12 of 14


Processed and Uploaded: 52 of 399

North America

Processed and Uploaded: 16 of 146

South America

Processed and Uploaded: 12 of 30